Kakita Hideo's Guide to Dueling

Kakita Hideo Presents: Kakita’s “The Sword” (For Dummies)
A Guide to Dueling in L5R 4th Edition

Step Zero: Initiative. (yes you can win or lose here.) Both Duelists roll their initiative. Some schools give significant advantages against a slower opponent. Depending on the schools of those involved you may want to win this. Both Duelists assume the Center Stance on the initiative of the faster Duelist. The Center Stance gives a bonus 1k1+void to a single roll (some schools give more benefit) you can think of this as a floating bonus to be spent where you think you need it.

Step One: Assessment. Each Duelist rolls Iaijutsu (Assessment) / Awareness vs TN 10+ opponent’s Insight Rank x 5. A successful roll gains one piece of the following information, your choice. You may raise for additional information one per one.
*Opponent’s Void
*Opponent’s Reflexes
*Opponent’s Iaijutsu Skill
*Any Iaijutsu Emphases
*Current Void Points
*Current Wound Level
If you beat your opponent’s roll by 10 or more, whether or not it gained any information, you gain +1k1 on your Focus Roll. (Iaijutsu Rank 7 gives +2k2 instead.) At this point either Duelist can concede, but we all know you won’t.

Step Two: Focus. Contested Iaijutsu (Focus) / Void rolls (Iaijutsu Rank 5 gives a free Raise.) If you win by 5 or more you strike first, for every 5 you beat your opponent you gain one free raise on the strike roll! Use them well or I will disavow having taught you anything! (This be a good place to use that floating Center Stance bonus!) If no one wins by more than 4, Kharmic Strike! Sucks to not be Kakita Hideo, Ha-ha.

Step Three: Strike! Duelist who won first strike rolls Iaijutsu / Reflexes vs Opponent’s normal TN. Apply damage and wound penalties, if this is a duel to the death the slower Duelist may now swing. In Kharmic Strike both swing simultaneously (unless you are Kakita Hideo.)

Kakita Hideo's Guide to Dueling

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