Yogo Shizu

Shugena of the Yogo Family, betrothed to Kakita Kage of Clan Crane


Yogo Shizu
Clan: Scorpian
Family: Yogo
School: Soshi Shugenga
Affinity: Air
Deficiency: Earth

Earth: 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 3

Water: 2
Strength 2
Perception 2

Air: 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Fire: 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 2

Void: 3

Derived Attributes
Honor: 2.5
Status: 1.0
Glory: 1.0
Insight: 128

Calligraphy (Cypher):1
Courtier: 1
Craft (Poison): 1
Etiquette: 1
Lore (Theology): 1
Spell Craft: 2
Stealth: 1

A – Clear Thinker
A – Dangerous Beauty
A – Ishiken-do
A – Silent
D – Bitter Betrothal (2)
D – Fascination (1)
D – Haunted (3)
D – Yogo Curse (4)

Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi, Knife, Scroll Satchel

Travelling pack: Cooking pot, Ink brush kit, Make-up Kit, Mask, Mortar and Pestle, Perfume, Spare Kimono and sandals, Small hand mirror, Tea set, Wicker Umbrella

Weapons and Clothing, bought: Blowgun (.8 bu), Shuriken x 2 (4 bu), Fan (.4), Netsuke (1 bu), Wide-brimmed hat, Wig (1 bu)

Miscellaneous, bought: Blanket (1 bu), Books and Scrolls (3 bu), Bottle x 2(.2 bu), Bottle of Sake (1 bu), Brazier (1 bu), Chest, wooden (2 bu), Coin Purse (.3 bu), Chopsticks (.1 bu), Paper x 10(2 bu), Sake Cup (1 bu), Spices, Writing Box (1 bu)

Money: 2 bu, 8 zeni

Technique, The Kami’s Whisper
Soshi can cast their spells as quietly as the kami themselves. You may select an additional spell slot (of the same element) when casting any spell with no potential to inflict damage in order to eliminate all visible signs of the spell having been cast. All spell effects take place normally; there is simple no outward sign of what has happened. You also gain a free raise on any spell with the Illusion keyword.

Universal Spells

  • Commune
    Ring/Mastery: All 1
    Range: 20’
    Area of Effect: Self
    Duration: Concentration
    Raises: See Effect
    Effect: This spell can be cast on any element save Void. It allows the caster to converse with local kami. If the local spirits are quiescent, the GM may require 1 or 2 raises to ‘wake up’ a local spirit. See p. 165 for more details.
  • Sense
    Ring/Mastery: All 1
    Range: Personal
    Area of Effect: 50’ radius from caster
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Raises: +10 feet
    Effect: When cast for one of the four standard elements, will reveal the presence, quantity, and rough distance to kami of that element within the range of the spell.
  • Summon
    Ring/Mastery: All 1
    Range: 30’
    Area of Effect: 1 cubic foot of summoned material
    Duration: Permanent
    Raises: +10 feet, +1 cubic foot, composition (see Effect)
    Effect: Summons material of the chosen substance in a roughly spherical shape. A more specific material, such as wood or iron with Earth or tea with Water, requires 1 to 4 additional raises, chosen by the GM. This spell can never create rare/precious materials (such as gold) or spiritually powerful substances (such as jade or crystals).

Air Spells

  • By the Light of the Moon
    Ring/Mastery: Air 1
    Range: Personal
    Area of Effect: 20’ radius around the caster
    Duration: 1 minute
    Raises: Area (5’ radius), Duration (1 minute)
    You call upon the kami to reveal that which has been hidden. All concealed objects within the area of effect appear as slightly luminous outlines to you. Any non-magical concealment is revealed, including secret compartments, trap doors, concealed weapons, etc. Only you can see the presence of these objects.
  • Way of Deception
    Ring/Mastery: Air 1 (Illusion)
    Range: 20’
    Area of Effect: One illusory duplicate of the caster
    Duration: Concentration plus 5 minutes
    Raises: Area (1 duplicate per 2 Raises), Range (5 feet), Special (see below)
    You can entreat the capricious spirits of the wind to create a perfect duplicate of you a short distance away. The illusion exactly reflects your appearance at the time the spell is cast, including your clothing and any equipment. The illusion may appear anywhere within the spell’s range, and will perform whatever actions you perform while it is in effect. (If you sit down, for instance, your duplicate will sit down as well, even if there is nothing to sit on). Once you leave the normal range of the spell, the duplicate disappears. If you make two Raises on the Spell Casting Roll, you may leave the area of effect and the illusion will remain in whatever position it was in when you left for as long as you continue concentrating on maintaining the spell
  • The Kami’s Whisper
    Ring/Mastery: Air 2 (Illusion)
    Range: 50’
    Area of Effect: 10’ radius
    Duration: 1 round
    Raises: Area (5’ radius), Duration (1 round), Range (+5’)
    The kami of the wind can carry whispers for great distances, and can even create them if properly entreated. You can petition the kami to create a false sound, either a voice or a natural sound such as an animal’s growl or running water, for example. The sound can be no louder than a normal speaking voice, and cannot impersonate a specific person’s voice. If used to create the sound of a voice, the spell is limited to twenty words.

Fire Spells

  • Biting Steel
    Ring/Mastery: Fire 1 (Craft)
    Range: Touch
    Area of Effect: 1 bladed weapon
    Duration: 1 minute
    Raises: Duration (+1 minute)
    Fire spirits can infuse metal with their own fury, turning a sharp edge into a supremely perfect one. This spell enhances the damage of steel bladed weapons, such as swords, knives, naginata, etc. Biting Steel cannot affect weapons which are not metal blades, which are nemuranai, or which have already been enhanced by magical effects. The weapon’s DR is increased by 1k1 for the duration of the spell.
  • Fury of Osano-Wo
    Ring/Mastery: Fire 1 (Thunder)
    Range: 300’
    Area of Effect: 1 target
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Raises: Damage (+1k0 per 2 Raises)
    This spell is actually a prayer to the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, inviting his wrath upon your enemy. It can only be cast outdoors, and summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, striking the target for 5k2 Wounds. Everyone within 10’ of the target must make a Stamina roll versus a TN of 15 to avoid being deafened for 2 Rounds. If this spell is cast during a thunderstorm, the damage is increased to 6k2 for a moderate storm and 6k3 for a disastrous storm or hurricane.

Water Spells

  • Path to Inner Peace
    Ring/Mastery: Water 1
    Range: Touch
    Area of Effect: 1 target individual
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Raises: None
    The water kami can influence the flow of water through the body, dramatically hastening the natural healing process. You can use this spell to heal Wounds that another individual has suffered. This spell restores a number of Wounds to the target equal to the amount by which the Spell Casting Roll exceeded the spell’s TN to cast.

Void Spells

  • Boundless Sight
    Ring/Mastery: Void 1
    Range: 50 miles
    Area of Effect: Self
    Duration: 4 rounds
    Raises: Duration (1 round), Range (5 miles)
    The most essential lesson of the ishiken is that all is linked through the Void, and through the Void all can be perceived. By focusing your energy, you can look through the veil and see another location as if you were standing there. This location must be familiar to you, and you must have been there at least once before. For the duration of the spell, you can see and hear all that transpires in the other location, but you may not be detected and you may not interact with things or individuals there in any way. During this spell, your body is in a trance-like state that leaves you highly vulnerable to attack (your Armor TN is reduced to 5).
  • Witness the Untold
    Ring/Mastery: Void 1 (Divination)
    Range: 15’
    Area of Effect: 1 target individual
    Duration: 3 rounds
    Raises: Range (+5)
    It is possible to gain fleeting glimpses of things that have not yet happened by peering through the Void. If you are delaying your action, you may interrupt the target of this spell after he has declared his action but before he has taken his action when his Turn comes up. This may be done during each Round for the duration of the spell. (Normally someone delaying their Action cannot interrupt the Action of another participant.)

Yogo Shizu

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