Shinjo Fong


Clan: Unicorn
School: Iuchi Shugenja
Affinity: Water
Deficiency: Fire

Earth 2
• Stamina 2
• Willpower 2
Water 3
• Strength 3 (12 points)
• Perception 3
Air 3
• Reflexes 3
• Awareness 3 (12 points)
Fire 2
• Agility 2
• Intelligence 2
Void 2

Honor: 5.5
Status: 1.0
Glory: 1.0
Insight: 138

Defense: 1
Battle: 1
Calligraphy (Cipher): 1
Horsemanship: 2 (2 points)
Lore: Theology: 1
Meditation: 1
Spellcraft: 2 (2 points)

Hunting: 1 (1 point)
Animal Handling: 1 (1 point)
Kyujutsu: 2 (3 points)
Investigation: 1 (1 point)
Perform: Storytelling: 1 (1 point)
Etiquette: 1 (1 point)
Sincerity: 1 (1 point)
Craft: Bowyer: 1 (1 point)

Read Lips (4 points)
Sage (4 – 1 points)
Precise Memory (3 points)
Languages: Moto (1 point)
Absolute Direction (1 point)

Soft-hearted (2 points)
Gaijin Name (1 + 1 point)
Small (3 points)
Dependent [Spouse] (3 points)

Koku: 1
Bu: 2
Zeni: 6

Extravagant Clothing
Calligraphy Set
Scroll Satchel
Unicorn Riding Horse
Traveling Pack

Metal Mirror (Traveling Pack)
Week’s Rations (Traveling Pack)
Rope (50’) (Traveling Pack)
Bottle of Kumis (Traveling Pack)
Lantern, Metal (Traveling Pack)
Spare Kimono & Sandals (Traveling Pack)
Small Tent (Traveling Pack)
Pet Dog (Traveling Pack)
Personal Seal (Traveling Pack)
Small Folding Stool (Traveling Pack)
10 Willow Leaf arrows (2 koku)
Finger of Jade (1 koku)
4 Rope Cutter arrows (12 bu)
Quiver (2 bu)
Bowyer’s Kit (2 bu)
Blanket (1 bu)
Sake Cup (1 bu)
Cooking Pot (15 zeni)
4 Lantern Oils (12 zeni)
Shovel (5 zeni)
Small Knife (5 zeni)
Coin Purse (3 zeni)
Tatami Mat (2 zeni)
Flint & Steel (1 zeni)
Chopsticks (1 zeni)

School Technique:
Spirit of the Wind: As a complex action, sacrifice one spell slot to grant one target an additional simple move action on their next turn. Also, receives one free raise on any Travel spell.


  • Path to Inner Peace
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 1
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: None
    • Effect: Heal wounds in the target equal to the amount that the Spell Casting Roll exceeded the spell’s TN.
  • Reflections of Pan Ku
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 1 (Divination)
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One object
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: None
    • Effect: Identifies all powers and abilities that an object possesses. It will identify a spell written on a scroll, but it will not allow a shugenja to cast the spell without deciphering the spell as normal. It will also give the caster knowledge of the item’s origin, such as where it was forged, the Clan of the individual who possessed it longest, or something similar at the GM’s discretion.
  • Rejuvenating Vapors
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 2
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: +1/2 target
    • Effect: Target is reinvigorated as if they had had a full night’s sleep. They do not regain Void Points or gain extra uses of effects usable a certain number of times per day, however. Shugenja regain spell slots associated with their Void Ring but no spell slots associated with their other Rings. No individual can benefit from Rejuvenating Vapors more than once within a 24-hour period.


  • Jurojin’s Balm
    • Ring/Mastery: Earth 1
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target
    • Duration: One hour
    • Raises: +1/2 hour, +1/2 target (max 5)
    • Effect: If the target suffers from any poison or toxin effects for the duration of the spell, or is under such effects when the spell is cast, he may re-roll any failed Stamina roll with a +2k0 bonus. If the second roll fails, however, the poison has full effect. As a side effect, the spell automatically removes and protects the target from drunkenness throughout its duration.
  • Earth’s Stagnation
    • Ring/Mastery: Earth 1
    • Range: 50’
    • Area of Effect: One target
    • Duration: 6 rounds
    • Raises: +2 rounds, +10’ range, +1 targets (max 4)
    • Effect: The target suffers a -2k0 penalty to all rolls using the Agility trait, and his Water ring is considered 1 rank lower for purposes of how far he can move.


  • Tempest of Air
    • Ring/Mastery: Air 1
    • Range: Personal
    • Area of Effect: A cone 75’ long and 15’ wide at its end
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: +5’ width, +1k0, +5’ length, +5 TN to avoid Knockdown
    • Effect: All targets within the area of effect suffer 1k1 Wounds and must make a Contested Roll using their Earth against your Air. Every target that fails suffers Knockdown.


  • Sense
    • Ring/Mastery: All 1
    • Range: Personal
    • Area of Effect: 50’ radius from caster
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: +10 feet
    • Effect: When cast for one of the four standard elements, will reveal the presence, quantity, and rough distance to kami of that element within the range of the spell.
  • Summon
    • Ring/Mastery: All 1
    • Range: 30’
    • Area of Effect: 1 cubic foot of summoned material
    • Duration: Permanent
    • Raises: +10 feet, +1 cubic foot, composition (see Effect)
    • Effect: Summons material of the chosen substance in a roughly spherical shape. A more specific material, such as wood or iron with Earth or tea with Water, requires 1 to 4 additional raises, chosen by the GM. This spell can never create rare/precious materials (such as gold) or spiritually powerful substances (such as jade or crystals).
  • Commune
    • Ring/Mastery: All 1
    • Range: 20’
    • Area of Effect: Self
    • Duration: Concentration
    • Raises: See Effect
    • Effect: This spell can be cast on any element save Void. It allows the caster to converse with local kami. If the local spirits are quiescent, the GM may require 1 or 2 raises to ‘wake up’ a local spirit. See p. 165 for more details.

Fourth child of Shinjo Hiro and Iuchi Akane, Shiban declared his intent to take the name Fong upon completion of his gempukku, in honor of his shugenja great-grandfather Iuchi Fong.

From his mother he gains his great love of exploration and hunting. While she comes from a line containing many shugenja, her connection to the kami was never quite strong enough. Still, she was gifted in her connection to the land, which she has pursued to her satisfaction.

From his father he gains his intellectual interests. His father’s tales of the Unicorn clan molded him in both his intellectual development and societal awareness. He considers the rehabilitation of the Shinjo family’s name to be one of his primary goals in life.

And, of course, from the kami he gains his spiritual and magical influences. While some men may question the Celestial hierarchy and their place in it, his ability to see and interact with the world within the world leave him no doubt as to the reality of it all.

Following his gempukku, he will face his most difficult trial to date: marriage to his betrothed, Tonbo Hiruka of the Dragonfly minor clan, whom he has never met. All he knows is that while she comes from a line of shugenja, she herself is not.

Shinjo Fong

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