Kitsuki Tadasuke

I AM THE LAW *cough*


Clan: Dragon
School: Kitsuki Investigator School [Courtier]


Earth 2

  • Stamina 2
  • Willpower 2
Water 2
  • Strength 2
  • Perception 3
Air 3
  • Reflexes 3 (12 pts)
  • Awareness 3
Fire 2
  • Agility 2
  • Intelligence 2
Void 2

Honor: 5.5
Status: 1.0
Glory: 1.0
Insight: 127


Courtier (Manipulation, Rhetoric): 3 ( 9 pts )
Etiquette (Courtesy): 3 ( 5 pts )
Investigation (Interrogation, Notice): 3 ( 7 pts )
Kenjutsu (Katana): 2 ( 4 pts )
Meditation: 1
Sincerity: 1
Lore: Law: 1

Defense 1 (1 pt)
Iaijutsu (Focus) 2 (5 pt)
Tea Ceremony: 1


Clear Thinker (2 pts)
Sacred Weapon (3 pts)
Irreproachable (2 pts)


Bad Fortune (Unknown Enemy) (3pts)
Contrary (4pts)
Haunted (Grandfather) (3pts)


Koku: 5
Bu: 0
Zeni: 0


  • Traditional Clothing
  • Twin Sister Blades (Daisho: + 5 TN to all disarm maneuvers against me )
  • Wakizashi
  • Knife
  • Calligraphy Set
  • Traveling Pack

School Technique:

  • Kitsuki’s Method: Free Raise on all Investigation Skill Rolls. Add Perception Rank to Armor TN

Kitsuki Tadasuke’s childhood was a strict one, but that did not bother him. With magistrate grandfather and father, he rarely even bothered to get into trouble. Instead he dove neck deep into the art of investigation and law. Constantly pestering his elders for any knowledge or insight, he excelled at deduction and solving crime — so much so that he was constantly correcting others in their mistakes on their investigations.

While at school Tadasuke’s grandfather, was found slain in an alley, presumably from a bust gone bad. Unfortunately no one knew what happened so the investigators just shut the case unsolved. Tadasuke wanted to stop school to investigate but his family would not let him. Later, his grandfather would come visit him from the spirit world to let him know he was murdered trying to arrest a suspect, but he didn’t know who it was since it was from behind.

With his grandfather’s spirit at his side, he was even more determined to take up the family discipline and see out the highest office for investigation — The Emerald Champion. Who better to make sure the law of the land is obeyed and enforced that the one who can assign the people to enforce it? He would make sure nothing like what happened to his grandfather ever happened again.

Kitsuki Tadasuke

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