If you would like to acquire an advantage that is not normally available after character creation drop me a note and we can discuss it. In some cases we may have to come up with a mechanic for it but I am fine with doing that. Now that we have had the gempukku ceremony any purchases of sacred weapon will need an in game rationale. Possibilities would include winning a tournament (other than the one we just had) or being the general in a successful mass combat.

I’m thinking this will be a once a month game running on weekends when “Finding our Path” does not. We will use the fourth edition (current I hope)of Legend of the Five Rings RPG. There are some ambiguous points in the rules that we will deal with by house-ruling. I urge you to play what will make you happy but will also point out that I am more interested in running for interesting characters than min-maxed paragons. Take disadvantages that are fun and I will use them.

As far as characters go:
1. I’d really like to have at least one Courtier, one Shugenja, and one Bushi.
2. Have a character background but!!! your gempuku is now so try to keep all the super awesome stuff (or horrible deeds) you’ve already done be things that could happen while training. No revered sensei’s or wanted criminals straight out of the chute. (Not to say that a good murder or even botched murder attempt can’t be good background!)
3. No Spider. No Imperial. No Naga. No Nezumi. You can be a ninja but all PC’s must have their own FACE.
4. We will work out a system for buying some advantages in play. Conversely I may award points for disadvantages I inflict on you.

In Marc’s game which this campaign has it’s roots in we established that the Moto family of the Unicorn Clan speaks it’s own language. This language is more like Chinese whereas the people of Rokugan speak essentially Japanese (Rokuganese.) Unicorn of other families as well as Courtiers who are planning to have dealings with newer Moto can learn this language with the “Languages” advantage, if you would like to learn this we can talk about the points cost. Unlike Marc I do not speak any Chinese so this will be role-played differently.

L5R RPG: The Start of New Legends

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